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Warmly welcome teachers and students from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology to visit our company for exchange and study


On the afternoon of March 20, 2024, Zhejiang Jiadele Technology Headquarters welcomed a special group of "foreigners". They are representatives of teachers and students majoring in new energy from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. They came all the way from Shanghai. Jiadele Sales Director Under the warm hospitality of Mr. Li and Mr. He from the Engineering Department, an unusual day at JadeLe began.

Warmly welcomed by the entire staff of Jiadele, teachers and students from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology walked into the Jiadele headquarters. In order to give this group of teachers and students a clearer understanding of Mingdiao, the company specially arranged for sales director Li Deliang to give an on-site explanation, allowing them to understand the development history, cultural connotation, spiritual inheritance, company products, and strategies of Mingdiao. Planning, etc. have an overall understanding.

Subsequently, under the leadership of He Gong from the Engineering Department, the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology delegation visited the production workshop, laboratory, product exhibition hall and office area. He focused on introducing the company's product production process to everyone, and used an interactive method to allow the students to more intuitively understand the "heart" of Jiadele's corporate culture and design during the communication, which gave them a lot of inspiration.

After witnessing the elegant and beautiful office environment of Jiadele headquarters, the advanced modern production and the eye-catching honor wall, the students were filled with admiration. As a high-tech enterprise, our company has always attached great importance to the cultivation and construction of talents, and the company attaches great importance to this. Visits and study exchanges with students. I also have a more comprehensive understanding of our company.

Through this on-site visit to the company, not only did the students increase their knowledge and learn about professional knowledge outside the classroom, but it also allowed the students to feel the corporate culture and management of Home Dele, and have a more intuitive and profound understanding of Home Dele. Understand and lay a good foundation for future talent transfer between schools and enterprises.



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