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Germany plans to completely ban oil and natural gas heating from 2045



According to the bill, each newly installed heating system in Germany should be powered by at least 65% renewable energy (such as heat pumps or biomass boilers). The bill is scheduled to enter into force in early 2024, but will initially only apply to newly developed buildings and require immediate Heating systems replaced in all buildings. The first five years are a transition period, and old buildings are not obliged to replace their heating systems immediately.

Cities with a population of more than 100,000 should prepare heating system plans by mid-2026, and other cities by June 30, 2028.

Heating systems in existing buildings will have to use increasing amounts of biomass or hydrogen for heating, at least 15% from 2029, 30% from 2035, and 30% from 2040 At least 60%. The law is valid until December 31, 2044. From 2045, oil and gas heating will be completely banned in Germany, and buildings can only be heated using renewable energy in a climate-neutral way.

The introduction of this new heating bill marks an important step taken by the German federal government on the road to energy transition. Germany will transition from oil and natural gas heating systems to environmentally friendly and climate-friendly renewable energy heating systems, heat pumps, in Germany Even the market prospects of the entire Europe will become more certain!


Subsidized renewable energy heating systems

However, this heating bill has also caused huge controversy. Experts estimate that replacing these heating systems could cost up to €100,000 depending on the size of the apartment or house, which would have far-reaching consequences for many homeowners.

In order to alleviate this problem, the draft proposes corresponding subsidy policies: "Building renovations and conversion to renewable energy heating systems will be promoted through direct grants, loans and tax incentives" to financially support owners, especially low-income owners and Elderly owners.

In principle, a 30% subsidy of purchase and installation fees is provided to everyone. In addition, those who replace their heating units earlier than required by law will receive an additional 20% subsidy bonus. Low-income families with a total annual income of no more than 36,000 euros will receive another 30% of the subsidy, with a maximum total subsidy of no more than 70%.

For example, the maximum qualifying cost for a single-family house should be €30,000, and the maximum state subsidy would be €21,000. In addition, there are low-interest loans available. This will undoubtedly help make renewable energy heating systems such as heat pumps affordable to more homeowners.

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