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"2023 China air source heat pump industry development report" released


2023 was supposed to be a year of hope from beginning to end: a completely free and open external environment allowed the power accumulated for 3 years to be released. Since the second quarter, the whole industry has received different feedback. A series of problems, such as consumption degradation in the economic environment, have cast a shadow on the growth expectations of the whole industry. With the development of China's air source heat pump industry in 2023 more free and open, all practitioners are under the pressure of the industry roll, in the market head-to-head contest. The industry as a whole ended up with a 11.5 per cent growth rate, and in relatively full competition, practitioners across the industry burst out with sufficient resilience. 

Heat pump hot water market to 1.6 percent of the slight increase in the trend to stop the decline in recovery. For this achievement, the commercial hot water market is the biggest contributor, with an increase of 15.6 per cent to pull the heat pump hot water market as a whole is growing. On the other hand, the domestic hot water market, in the retail market and precision real estate supporting market double decline in the case of hard to hide the decline. In general, the landing of green building policies in many places has made heat pump hot water more widely used in many industrial and commercial places, and has become a major factor in the rapid growth of the commercial hot water market, and commercial hot water has therefore become the industry brand in the future. direction.

Air source heat pump in the heating market performance still affects the entire industry's development, to be able to just need the market under the background to achieve 16.7 percent growth, can also be said to be the expected result. While the overall situation of the heating market has not changed greatly, the market has also shown different bright spots from different angles. For the retail market, the overall product power of the industry has been greatly improved in 2023; the commercial market has developed rapidly in 2023. After a special period of 3 years, the rapid progress of stagnant investment projects is the most obvious driving force in the commercial market.

From the perspective of the development of subdivided fields, the "coal-to-electricity" bidding market in the northern region continues to show a weak trend under the background of the era where cash is king and channels are king, and policy guidance cannot continue to exist for a long time. It has become the consensus of the industry, and the current status quo is also the expected situation of the entire industry. On the contrary, the retail market in the northern region is booming, but the increasingly severe competitive environment behind the entire retail market has also laid some hidden dangers for future development. In addition to more and more strong entrants, there are also many spoilers trying to speculate. The perspective shifted southward to the southern region, which has always puzzled professional heat pump enterprises most. In 2023, there were also signs of heat pump enterprises starting to lay out. In the reality that both brand strength and channel strength are still insufficient, this cautious layout rhythm is also a good strategy.

Finally, the heat pump special application market, the air source heat pump special application market to deliver an increase of 8.8 percent of the bright results. Its core application areas: agricultural drying, industrial drying and high temperature heat pump have shown a good development trend. However, although the overall market has maintained a good development trend, under the background of low application rate and policy pull, its growth rate is still lower than the overall performance of China's air source heat pump market, reflecting the challenges faced by the air source heat pump special application market is still severe.

It is worth affirming that in the face of various complex problems at different stages in the middle of 1, the air source heat pump industry in 2023 showed strong resilience, potential and vitality. In the future, with the further return of China's economic operation to the normal level, coupled with the large repair space of residents' commodity consumption, coupled with the policy will maintain a sustained and stable stimulus to the air source heat pump industry, on the whole, China's air source heat pump industry in 2024 is still very worth looking forward.


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