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Xu Honglian went to Dingqiao to visit enterprises: unswervingly promote the traditional industry to become bigger and stronger


B、Dedicated to providing a full range of customized solutions for liquid packaging products
1.What kind of packaging do you need to design? Bottle label cover label, labeling (self-adhesive or hot melt adhesive).
2.The nominal capacity of the bottle is such as 500ml bottle, and there are several other volume bottles respectively
3.Does the difference in bottle mouth and cap and automation requirements affect how the equipment is selected?
4.Our whole factory turnkey engineering services, so that customers more worry and the whole line before and after a high degree of cooperation, good stability.

C、Solution for aseptic filling and packaging of PET bottles: (Display production pictures of blowing, filling, and spinning at the customer's site)

On the afternoon of June 3, Xu Honglian, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, came to Dingqiao Town to visit and investigate some traditional enterprises and seek a good strategy for transformation and development. Xu Honglian stressed that it is necessary to take large-scale equipment renewal and the replacement of consumer goods with old ones as the starting point, take high-quality development as the primary task, make every effort to improve the level of technological transformation, and help the high-quality development of our city to a new level.
 Xu Honglian came to Zhejiang Jiadele Technology Co., LTD., she walked into the exhibition hall of the enterprise to learn about the development of new products on the spot, and exchange and discuss, and listen to the production and operation of the enterprise in detail, foreign trade export, zero ground technical reform and so on. Zhejiang Jiadele Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces solar water heaters, solar collectors, air energy water heaters, the main customers in Mexico, Romania, South Korea and other places. This year, the company is implementing the technical transformation project of the new production workshop and the demolition of the old plant to implement the zero ground technical transformation. In the survey, Xu Honglian encouraged enterprises to vigorously implement technological transformation, improve the utilization rate of land, and make full use of resources; It is also necessary to keep up with market demand, continue to develop new products, and strive to improve added value. The territories and departments are fully committed to helping enterprises continue to expand domestic and foreign markets and inject strong momentum into high-quality development.
Under the earnest expectation of Mayor Xu, Home Del will work together to gain momentum in the severe external situation and deep internal technological transformation, and will go further and fly higher!


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