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Get Your Water Heater Feeling Cool: The Advantages of Split Heat Pump Water Heater


Are you fed up with running away from hot water mid-shower? Or maybe you may be willing to upgrade your water heating system to something more energy-efficient and cost-effective. Whatever your reason may be, a split heat pump water heater might you need to be the clear perfect answer you. We'll discuss the advantages, innovation, safety, use, and solution of a JIADELE split heat pump water heater.

Advantages of Split Heat Pump Water Heater

A split heat pump water heater is a designed type innovative to use less energy contrasted to a traditional water heater. JIADELE air source heatpump is configured as two parts: the heat pump and the water tank. The heat pump is installed outside the homely household the water tank is installed inside. This setup allows the machine to work quietly and efficiently.


One of the biggest advantages of a split heat pump water heater is its energy efficient. It creates utilization of the outside air transfer heat to the water tank, which calls for less energy contrasted to heating water from scratch. Which means it can save you up to 50% on your heating bill. Furthermore, it is economical as it's built to keep going longer than traditional water heaters.

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