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Air and water heat pump

The new Air and Water Heat Pump by JIADELE - A cutting-edge and Safe Option for Your house


Are you searching for a reliable and method efficient heat and cool your house? Look absolutely no further than the new Air and Water Heat Pump, identical to JIADELE's product 14kw pool heater. This technology is now ever more popular for it is advantages which are many eco-friendliness.

Why choose JIADELE Air and water heat pump?

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Water and Air and Water Heat Pump is simple to make use of, just like the JIADELE's product called small heat pump pool heater. It operates with the use of a thermoregulator that controls the temperature in your house. It is possible to adjust the temperature to match your preferences, the system will automatically start and off as needed seriously to keep your desired heat.

How to make use of?

To make sure usage optimal efficiency, it is critical to get air and water heat pump installed by a expert, identical to air to water heater manufactured by JIADELE. They are able to assist figure out the accepted place most beneficial for installation and make sure all elements are correctly connected. It is also important to keep the outdoor unit away from debris, leaves and twigs, to avoid blocking airflow and efficiency reducing.


Regular maintenance is very important to keep your Air and Water Heat Pump operating properly, also the JIADELE's product such as air source heat pump central heating. It is strongly recommended to enjoy a service professional system yearly, checking for any leakages or used components. It is also important to change atmosphere filters frequently to keep airflow optimal power efficiency.

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