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JIADELE has completed Australian STC registration and obtains high STC value


JIADELE has completed Australian STC registration & obtains high STC value

The STC heat pump is an innovative solution within Australia's renewable energy landscape, benefiting from the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC) scheme. This scheme encourages the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies like heat pumps by offering financial incentives.

Our company JIADELE obtained Water Mark and SAA certification last year, and registered STC in October. Now it has completed the registration and achieved high STC values.

Now we have two capacities of all-in-one heat pumps, 190L and 300L, the refrigerant is R290, which is environmental friendly. The maximum outlet water temperature is 70°C. The highest STC value obtained by the 190L all-in-one heat pump is 36, and the highest STC value obtained by the 300L all-in-one heat pump is 34. They can help our customers get more subsidies, and our factory also can do OEM for customers.

The financial incentives provided through STCs significantly reduce the upfront cost of heat pumps, making this efficient technology a more viable option for Australians looking to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace renewable energy solutions.

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