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In 2023 opened a branch in Poland


The establishment and formal operation of the Polish branch of JIADELE is the crystallization of team spirit and collective intelligence, and is an important milestone in the development of JIADELE. As a member of the team, we are proud of our mission of providing quality services to the European market and achieving the company's steady development. The company and CEO Xu have provided a vast platform for the employees to display their talents. They have full trust in the employees and will certainly live up to their expectations. They will fully integrate and utilize the excellent resources in the market and strengthen development, we will spare no effort to protect and improve the quality and credit of our services. We will strive to display our wisdom and wisdom, overcome all difficulties and obstacles, and accomplish our tasks with excellence. We will work with one heart and one mind to fulfill our mission and strive for common development! In the future development, JIADELE Poland branch will continue to work hard to keep pace with the times, never climb the new high, always strive for first-class spirit, so that JIADELE into a healthy, stable, coordinated development of the New World.



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