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JIADELE has reached a strategic partnership with the well-known Polish brand FUTURE


FUTURE was founded in 1960, rooted in Europe's developed industrial level, headquartered in Poland, and has more than 50 years of air source heat pump production history. In 2017, FUTURE reached a strategic cooperation with China's JIADELE and established JIADELE as its air source heat pump manufacturing center in China; in 2023, the two parties continued to cooperate in depth and established JIADELE as the only authorized sales and service general agent in China, fully responsible for sales in the Chinese market , service work.

The pursuit of perfection and excellence. The company's products are constantly improving from sheet metal production, process tube processing, electronic control assembly, system assembly, system testing and other aspects. We are always committed to improving the quality and performance of our products and ensuring that every detail reaches the highest standards.

Future's air energy products adopt European standards, with built-in water pumps, expansion tanks and other integrated designs. R32 or R290 refrigerants are more environmentally friendly and efficient. The system adopts a double plate rib noise reduction structure, and is equipped with CFD simulated air flow optimization design. The compressor, plate exchanger, expansion tank, pipeline and other components are wrapped with cotton and other 8 core measures. It has ultra-low heat loss and ultra-low noise release; the product reaches A+++ EU standard, double first-level energy efficiency national standard for refrigeration and heating.

   Fall in love with the warmth of home, (pause a little longer than the previous sentence) FUTURE·Future Air Energy is committed to providing comfortable home temperatures for families around the world.


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