anton Fair 2020


This is a video of our Zhejiang Jiadele Technology Co., Ltd. participating in the Canton Fair in 2020.As the leading company in the industry, we were interviewed by the news of Haining TV station.During the Canton Fair, our company's foreign trade salers live broadcast 24 hours, More than fifty solar products were shown by each live show , nearly a hundred customers planed to place orders in just a few hours. During the period, we also opened a special section --- live broadcast to take you to the workshop, leading customers to understand the product's production of Gatorade Process, customization ability, technological innovation and R&D, etc., .Under the leadership of our CEO Xu, our online exhibition has achieved impressive results. At the same time, we will continue to participate in a series of online exhibitions in the future. We welcome customers to pay attention to us and we look forward to cooperating with clients from all over the world in the near future.